Using Social Media to Connect Writers with Readers

social media treeSocial media for writers was the topic at Mystery by the Sea’s July meeting. Group president Teresa Inge led a discussion about what writers should – and should not – do on their social media accounts. Here are some of her suggestions:

  1. Use social media to get your name out there and to get people buzzing about your work. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are all great online platforms for writers to use.
  2. Connect with your readers one-on-one through the social media sites of your choice. Don’t be shy! In addition to liking and commenting on what others post, create original content of your own to keep your followers interested and engaged in a conversation. Be sure to write about upcoming book signings, book launches, and other events, but also provide your followers with content that isn’t centered on you or your work.
  3. Strike a friendly tone. When promoting your work, don’t express extreme opinions that may upset or alienate readers. Everyone has a bad day from time to time, but constantly griping on social media may not entice readers to pick up your books. Strive for posts with a fun, professional tone.
  4. Find other writers. Use social media to follow and engage with your fellow writers to keep up with industry trends and publishing opportunities. Be courteous and don’t post announcements about your work on other writers’ social media sites. Use the golden rule for the 21st century: If you wouldn’t want someone adding certain content to your site, don’t add it to theirs.
  5. Keep it up! Neglected social media accounts make you and your brand look bad. Before taking the plunge, make sure you have the time and content to contribute to your social media sites on a regular basis. Posting interesting, relevant content often will keep your followers coming back for more.

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