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Self Defense for Writers

August 15, 2014

Please join us on September 8, 2014 as welcome trained self-defense instructors Marty and Pat Rogers.  Here’s a little more about our speakers:

**Marty Rogers - 
65 years old, trained in - Japanese Karate, Aikido, Akijutsu, Kenjutsu, Judo, 
Jujitsu, and Go Shin Jutsu. 
Shodan (1st degree black belt) rank 
Specialties include; semi-auto handgun, collapsible metal baton, crossbow, 
tactical knife fighting, throwing stars, and 3' stick (cane) fighting. 
 "I was constantly bullied during my time as a student in the public school 
system and have also been approached on local Tidewater area streets twice 
during attempted crime set-ups. Beginning at the age of 21, desperate to learn 
methods for defending myself, I studied multiple styles of martial arts and 
tactical weapons training with 5 excellent teachers over a period of 34 years 
and assisted in several self defense seminars and taught formal Aikido classes 
with Pat." 
**Pat Rogers - 
64 years old, trained in - Aikijutsu, Aikido, Brazilian Jujitsu, Judo, Japanese 
Karate, Kendo, Go Shin Jutsu, Tai Chi, and Bojutsu 
Nidan (2nd degree black belt) rank 
Specialties include; Japanese sword, 6' staff fighting, semi-auto handgun and 
pressure point activation techniques. 
Pat has been assaulted on the street by strangers, in two separate cities. 
"Approximately 9 years after the second incident, I met Marty and we began our 
journey of self defense training for me". 
 We are former members of the American Women's Self Defense Association (AWSDA). 
Pat wrote an article which was published in their newsletter and we were invited 
to join by the founding members and board of directors. This organization is 
made up primarily of NYPD officers, nationwide state police officers, self 
defense instructors and tactical weapons training specialists along with their 
wives and daughters. 
 We received our physical training in several nationally and internationally 
recognized schools and styles. We have trained together in; 
Aikijutsu, Aikido, Judo, Japanese Karate, Go Shin Jutsu, Japanese Jujitsu, and 
Brazilian Jujitsu. 
 In 1991 we developed and taught a 12 week, 2 classes per week, self defense 
course for The Chesapeake Family YMCA. As a result of teaching that class, we 
were interviewed for a feature article in the Virginian-Pilot newspaper and we 
were also guests on WNIS - Talk Radio. The class ran for 3 years and we taught 
over 100 women and girls. We also taught a traditional Aikido program in a local 
martial art school 2002-2005. 
 We were also certified by the State of Va. - Department of Criminal Justice 
Services, to work in the private security industry and carry handguns. (Pat was 
a Private Investigator and Marty was trained in Armed Security)

CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Virginia is for Mysteries Anthology–Volume II Project

July 1, 2014



Sponsored by:

Central Virginia & Mysteries by the Sea Chapter Members





  • All Sisters in Crime members of the Central-Virginia and Mysteries by the Sea chapters submitting manuscripts will have been members of Sisters in Crime National by December 30, 2014. Submissions will be accepted between July 1, 2014 and December 30, 2014.
  • Each member may submit up to two manuscripts. However, only one manuscript will be accepted in the initial round of review. Caveat: If we do not receive enough acceptable submissions, additional stories by the same author may be selected.
  • Each member who submits a manuscript agrees to read and score three other manuscripts submitted for the anthology. Authors will be given a 3-digit code for blind readings by submitting authors.
  • Each member who submits a manuscript agrees to promote and attend book signings for the anthology.
  • Royalties will be divided equally between Central Virginia and Mysteries by the Sea chapters.



  • The story must be in the mystery genre and include a Virginia location.
  • Stories must be between 1,500–6,000 words and must be an original story that has not been previously published. No dual submissions.
  • Each author who is accepted for publication will be required to sign a contract.


  • Manuscript(s), Cover Sheet and Biography will be submitted electronically using standard formatting (double-spaced, Times New Roman, one-inch margins). The manuscript may not contain the author’s name.


  • Manuscript
    • Each page will include the story title and page number at the top left. Example: Just Another Killer Day in Paradise 2. It should not contain the author’s name.
    • Please ensure your word processing program does not embed the author’s name in the identifying information about the file. (In Word, go to File/Properties/Summary to remove author’s name).
    • Place ### after each scene change.
    • Place THE END or ### after the last line of your story.



  • Cover Sheet
    • Please include a cover sheet with the story title, word count, name, email address, and phone number.


  • Author Bio
    • Please include up to a 100-word bio. Website and email address may be included if you like. Accepted authors can modify bio before book is published.


  • Submission
    • Please send one email with 3 attachments: (1) Manuscript (can send up to two manuscripts), (2) Cover Sheet, (3) Biography to between July 1, 2014 and December 30, 2014. The subject line should read VIFM 2 Anthology Submission.
  • Once submissions are received authors will receive a confirmation and 3-digit code for blind readings.
  • Submissions that do not conform to these requests will be disqualified. The coordinating panel reserves the right to disqualify any manuscript for reasons that will be communicated to the author.



  • Editorial panel will recommend revisions to the author to make the manuscript more suitable for publication. Editorial panel may submit to the anthology.



  • Researchers will contact publishers and make recommendations to the
anthology committee. Research panel may submit to the anthology.



  • Coordinating panel will oversee the anthology process, accept/track submissions, cover-sheets, biographies and work with the Editorial and Publisher panels. Coordinating panel may submit to the anthology. Coordinating panel will negotiate contract once publisher is selected.


If you have any questions regarding the anthology process, please contact
Teresa Inge or Mary Miley


Thank you for submitting to the Sisters in Crime, Central-Virginia and Mysteries by the Sea Chapter anthology!


September 27, 2013

Virginia is for Mysteries coverYes, Virginia may be for lovers, but it is also for mysteries, too.  At least according to 14 writers from the Old Dominion. Six of the authors are members of Mystery by the Sea.

Virginia Is for Mysteries is a collection of sixteen short stories set in and around the state of Virginia. All stories are written by Virginia residents with “murder” in mind. Each story features a Virginia landmark from the shores of Cape Henry Lighthouse to Richmond’s Old Hollywood Cemetery to Jefferson’s Monticello and transports readers across Virginia’s rich, unique, and very deadly landscape.

Seventeen stories for your reading pleasures.  Here’s a little bit about each story, and which Virginia landmark inspired it:


Charlottesville, Jefferson’s Home

A trip to Monticello turns deadly when guide Rory Adams takes members of a horticultural society on a tour of Jefferson’s house.


Tidewater Virginia, Thimble Shoals Lighthouse and Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel\

As the saying goes, “Justice delayed is justice denied,” and justice has certainly been denied Tony Dyson who has spent his last ten years in prison for a murder he did not commit. Convicted on flawed bite mark evidence, new evidence has cleared him and he’s recently been released. Norfolk’s Judge Maris, who originally sentenced him, is determined to find out where the court went wrong, but meanwhile, what is Dyson up to?

THE CAGED BIRD — Fionna Quinn

Richmond, Historic Church Hill and focuses on St. John’s Church and Elizabeth Poe’s grave

A high-school student reveals that the dead and the accused are not the only ones impacted by a murder.


Hampton, Grandview Nature Preserve (Chesapeake Bay)

Grandview Nature Preserve in Hampton hugs the western shore of the Chesapeake Bay where the salt water of the Atlantic meets the water from the Bay. Marsh grass, woodland animals, sea birds, turtles, and long-legged waders meet and compete here.  It’s an ideal spot for science class field trips, and Mrs. McCarthy has taken her high schoolers here for a beach study. But she hasn’t prepared the teenagers for what the tide has washed in.


Chesapeake,  Battlefield Shopping Center, site of Revolutionary War Battles

When fabric store owner Jana Karson tries to clear her name in the murder of ex-boyfriend and fellow merchant in the Great Bridge Shopping center, she uncovers a love triangle, bad debt and her own hurt feelings.

OBSESSION — Linda Thornburg

Nelson County, Elk Hill, a historic tobacco farm on Route 151

Ham Cohen visits a century old tobacco farm looking for a slave ancestor and runs into another man on the same quest. The two of them get together for dinner to talk about their ancestors and life in general and the other man falls on the restaurant floor and dies. Turns out he was murdered. Ham solves the mystery of who murdered him.


Virginia Beach, the Cavalier Hotel

A trip to Virginia Beach turns deadly when Connar Randolph, owner of the historic Cavalier on the Hill, discovers a dead body on her property while giving a tour of the inn.

A TRI-ING DAY —  Smita Harish Jain

Stafford, The Battle of Aquia Creek

James Parker, the proverbial 98-pound weakling, has only one enemy … that he knows of. Tired of losing to Patrick Swann — in school, in work, in love, and in life–Parker sets out to beat him at his own game, triathlon. Entered in the fictional Battle of Aquia Creek Sesquitennial Half Ironman, both men compete in the same age group, giving James a chance to finally claim a victory over Swann and Swann a chance to crush James once and for all. Thinking he has designed the perfect end to his nemesis’s tyranny, Parker rests easy, until the end, when he realizes that it is he who has been his own worst enemy.


Richmond, Kent-Valentine House, headquarters of the Garden Club of Virginia.

A birthday party at Richmond’s historic Kent-Valentine House sets the scene for this tale of betrayal, loss, and the power of family ties. After two years, Sharon Taylor is still reeling from the deaths of her husband and daughter, but she drags herself to her friend’s party. Divorcee Olivia Thompson has her eye on Sherwood Aimsley as her new husband and is devastated when he shows up at the party with a statuesque beauty on his arm. Sharon and Olivia keep each other company while their happier friends whoop it up and spread cheer. Until truth and illusion collide … and the evening ends in tragedy.

BIRDSEED — May Layne

Norfolk, Downtown area via The Tide light rail system

Freddie’s supposed to be taking care of things at his girlfriend’s apartment in Norfolk while she’s gone, but he’s too busy eyeing the new girl at the office, and bad things happen.


Richmond, the Hollywood Cemetery

Clara is a fun-loving “soiled dove” who specializes in fetishes in Civil-War Richmond. When a body turns up in Hollywood Cemetery, because of the peculiar aspects of the case, the sheriff concludes he is one of Clara’s clients. Clara must solve the murder to protect herself and her livelihood.


Norfolk, the Naro Theater

Past, present, reality, and illusion culminate in one young man’s act of love and vengeance.


Virginia Beach, the Cape Henry Lighthouse

Playing hooky from work lands two best friends in trouble when their day of sightseeing has them discovering only one thing…a dead body.

KEY TO A CRIME — Fionna Quinn

Henricus Historic Park and Pocahontas State Park

Find out how a young homeschooling mom finds herself driving down 288 with a dead body in the back of her pale-blue minivan.


Norfolk, the Chrysler Museum

An assistant to the art conservators at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk, Virginia, discovers a room with duplicates of valuable paintings and clues to a murder. But the museum’s imminent remodeling will close the building for over a year. She has 72 hours to find the artwork and the murderer before both he and the originals disappear forever.

DEATH IN THE HOUSE – Rosemary Shomaker

Richmond’s Capitol Square area

Delegate Carolyn Flournoy’s future is compromised. “She could have been Governor one day,” says fellow delegate Phillip Exeter. “Code Alpha”, gloomy tunnels, and suspicious circumstances in Richmond’s Capitol Square ignite attention-seeking Delegate Pamela Taylor’s involvement, and her unlikely bond with Flournoy spurs her to find the truth.

WASHED UP — Heather Weidner

Virginia Beach, Chic’s Beach

A suitcase with a rusty gun and shriveled hand appears on the beach outside of a struggling bar near the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel in Virginia Beach. A friend of the bar’s owner seems to know where it came from, and he gains instant celebrity with his story about a paranormal experience. The attention does wonders for the bar’s profits until something ordinary provides the missing piece of the puzzle.

Click HERE for more information on the Virginia is for Mysteries Author Tour schedule. 


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